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2012-2013 Colloquia

Fall, 2012


Picture of Carl Craver


October 12

Carl Craver

Washington University in St. Louis

"Are Amnesics Stuck in Time?"



Picture of Tadeusz Ciecierski


November 5

Tadeusz Ciecierski

University of Warsaw

"Demonstrating Procedures"



Picture of Noa Latham


November 30

Noa Latham

University of Calgary

"The Passage of Time"


Winter, 2013


Picture of Julia Annas


January 18

Julia Annas

University of Arizona

"Why Virtue Ethics Does Not Have a Problem with Right Action"



Picture of Dana Goswick


January 25

Dana Goswick

University of Melbourne

"Ordinary Objects, Grounding Modality, and Response-Dependence"



Picture of Kai Wehmeier


February 22

Kai Wehmeier

University of California, Irvine

"Modal Logic's Dark Little Secret"



Picture of Richard Heck


March 1

Richard Heck

Brown University

"Against Disquotation"



Picture of Abrol Fairweather


March 8

Abrol Fairweather

San Francisco State University

"The Meeting of the Twain: Virtue Epistemology Meets Social Psychology"



Picture of Sean Walsh


March 15

Sean Walsh

University of California, Irvine

"Logicism, Interpretability, and Knowledge of Arithmetic"



Spring, 2013


Photographer on leave


April 26

Angela Smith

Washington and Lee University

"Attitudes and Control"


May 3

Ishtiyaque Haji

"Blameworthiness and Alternate Possibilities"

University of Calgary


May 10

Ernest Lepore

Rutgers University

"Discourse and Logical Form"


May 20

Samuel Fleischecker

University of Illinois at Chicago

"Leibniz, Plato, and Two Theories of Innate Ideas"

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