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2014-2015 Colloquia

Fall, 2014


Picture of Christopher Peacocke


October 17

Christopher Peacocke

Columbia University

"Ontology and Intelligibility"


 Picture of Jeremy Heis


November 14

Jeremy Heis

University of California, Irvine

"Should Kant Have Thought that Logic Was Complete Since Aristotle?"

Winter 2015


Picture of Alyssa Ney


January 23

Alyssa Ney

University of Rochester

"Microphysical Causation and the Case for Physicalism"


Picture of Alistair Isaac


January 30

Alistair Isaac

University of Edinburgh

"From Color Physicalism to Timbre Invariance: Regulative Concepts for a Multimodal Realism Debate"


 PIcture of Jonathan Simon


February 2

Jonathan Simon

Tulane University

"What it is like to be a Synaesthete"

Picture of Zoe Drayson


February 6

Zoe Drayson

University of Stirling

"The Person/Subpersonal Distinction"


Picture of Rachel Goodman


February 9

Rachel Goodman

University of Leeds

"Singular Thought as a Cognitive Kind"


Picture of Helen Longino


March 6

Helen Longino

Stanford University

"Sex, Race and Sciences of Human Behavior"


Picture of David Copp


March 17

David Copp

University of California, Davis

"Explaining Normativity"


Spring 2015


Picture of Cathal O'Madagain


April 6

Cathal O'Madagain

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

"Pointing, Demonstratives, and Indexicals: A Semantic and Developmental Hypothesis"


Picture of Gabriel Greenberg


April 25

Gabriel Greenberg

University of California, Los Angeles

"The Geometry of Pictorial Semantics"


Picture of Jappa Pallikkathayil


May 1

Japa Pallikkathayil

University of Pittsburgh

"Respecting an Absent Agent"


Picture of Timothy Clarke


May 8

Timothy Clarke

University of California, Berkeley

"The Origins of Atomism"


Picture of Manuel Vargas


May 15

Manuel Vargas

University of San Francisco

"Negligence and Social Self-Governance"

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