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2015-2016 Colloquia

Fall 2015


Picture of John McFarlane


November 6

John MacFarlane

University of California, Berkeley

"Vagueness as Indecision"


Winter 2016

Picture of Kit Fine


January 22

Kit Fine

New York University

"Compliance and Command"

Fake Free Beer


February 19

Seana Shiffrin

University of California, Los Angeles

"Deceptive Responsibility and Taking Responsibility for Others"


Picture of Tyler Doggett


February 26

Tyler Doggett

University of Vermont

"Letting Others Do Wrong"


Picture of Katherine Brading


March 4

Katherine Brading

University of Notre Dame

"Émilie Du Châtelet and the Foundations of Physical Science"


Spring, 2016

PIcture of Alison Wylie


April 15

Alison Wylie

University of Washington

"How Archaeological Evidence Bites Back: Putting Old Data to Work in New Ways"


Picture of Klaus Corcilius


April 21

Klaus Corcilius

University of California, Berkeley

"Natural Goodness and Human Action in Aristotle"


Picture of Richard Boyd


May 6

Richard Boyd

Cornell University

"Realism, Truth and the Pessimistic Meta-Induction: for More Correspondence, not Less"


Picture of Jason Konek 

May 27

Jason Konek

Kansas State University

"The Art of Learning"


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