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Ph.D. Placement

Summary. Over the past ten years, approximately four students have entered our Ph.D. program per year. Over the past four years, four students from our program have been offered tenure-track academic jobs, for an average of one per year. These per-year averages change little if one considers, say, the past fifteen years. So, in recent years, approximately 25% of our entering PhD students have completed the program and received a tenure-track academic job offer. Of the remaining 75%, some transferred to other Ph.D. programs in philosophy, some left the field without completing the Ph.D., some completed the Ph.D. here and did not seek academic employment, some found academic employment in non-tenure-track positions, and it may be that some completed the Ph.D. here and sought, but did not find, any academic employment (though we are not aware of any such cases).

The table below provides placement information on each of the graduates of our Ph.D. program, dating back to 1971, when we awarded our first Ph.D. We have done our best to make the table complete and accurate, but we cannot guarantee that it is free from error, and we welcome additions and corrections. The following abbreviations are used:
T=Tenure or equivalent
TT=Tenure-track or equivalent
P=Post-doc or other fellowship
VAP=Visiting assistant professor or non-tenure-track assistant professor
ONTT=Other non-tenure-track position (non-tenure-track lecturer, adjunct instructor, etc.)
NA=Non-academic position
DNS=Did not engage in a sustained, wide-ranging search for academic employment

 Name  Initial position(s)  Current position(s), if different from initial
 T. Scott Dixon  Ashoka University, India, TT  
 Brian Coffey  Grand Valley State University, VAP (renewable)  
 Emily Barranco Earlenbaugh  Business Owner, NA, DNS  
 Joshua Earlenbaugh  Business Owner, NA, DNS  
 Johnnie R. R. Pedersen  Roskilde University, Denmark, ONTT  
 Jared Poon  Senior Strategist, Singapore Civil Service, NA, DNS  
 Sarah Roe  Southern Connecticut State University, TT  
 Bert Baumgaertner  University of Idaho, TT  
 Christopher Buckels  Plato Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, P  University of the Pacific, VAP (renewable)
 Vadim Keyser  California State University, Sacramento, ONTT, DNS  
 Huaping Lu-Adler  Georgetown University, TT  
 Greg Damico  University of California, Davis, ONTT  Bellevue Community College, ONTT
 Jonathan Dorsey  Texas Tech University, VAP (two years)  Texas Tech University, ONTT
 Lucas Halpin  California State University, Sacramento, ONTT, DNS  Unknown
 Nate Smith  Quality Assurance Engineer, Applied Security, Inc., NA, DNS  
 Gina Calderone  Houston Community College, ONTT, DNS  
 Nick Diehl  Sacramento City College, ONTT, DNS  
 Mike Trestman  University of Utah, P (one year)  Indiana University, P (two years)
 Dana Goswick  University of Melbourne, TT  
 Ian Spencer  Student, Graduate Theological Union  
 Brooke Roberts  University of Idaho, VAP (one year)  Attorney, NA (declined TT offer, Idaho State University)
 Jim Blackmon  San Francisco State University, ONTT  
 Christian Coons  Bowling Green State University, TT  Bowling Green State University, T
 David Freelove  California State University, Sacramento, ONTT  Unknown
 Alexa Lee  Unknown, NA, DNS  
 Matt Haber  University of Utah, TT  University of Utah, T
 Lynne Fox  California State University, Sacramento, ONTT  
 David Byrd  UC Davis, ONTT  Ernst & Young, San Francisco, NA
 Martin Roth  Drake University, TT  Drake University, T
 Todd Harris  UC Davis, Biochemistry PhD program  UC Davis, Biotechnology, P
 Russ Payne  Bellevue Community College, TT  Bellevue Community College, T
 Patrick Findler  Kwantlen Polytechnic University, TT  Kwantlen Polytechnic University, T
 Robert Scofield  Attorney, NA  
 Christina Waters  UC Santa Cruz, ONTT (Lecturer in Art)  
 Sherry Deveaux  Stanford University, Continuing Studies, ONTT  
 Judith Cross  California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, ONTT  
 Richard Schubert  California State University, Sacramento, ONTT  Cosumnes River College, T
 Elizabeth Forrester  Sacramento City College, TT  Sacramento City College, T
 Scott Merlino  California State University, Sacramento, ONTT  
 Robert Mutti  San Francisco State University, ONTT  
 Dave Nachmanoff  Professional Singer/Songwriter, NA  
 H. Mark Pressman  El Camino College, ONTT  California State University, Northridge, ONTT
 Leslie Stapp  Cerritos College, TT  Cerritos College, T
 Nancy E. Schaffer  University of Nebraska-Omaha, TT  Novelist, NA
 Jordi Cat  Indiana University, TT  Indiana University, T
 Leonard Olson  California State University, Fresno, ONTT  
 Melinda Campbell  National University, ONTT  
 Bill Hirstein  Elmhurst College, TT  Elmhurst College, T
 Marina Oshana  California State University, San Bernardino, TT; California State University, Sacramento, TT; Bowling Green State University, TT, then T; University of Florida, T  University of California, Davis, T
 David Lopez  American River College, TT  American River College, T
 Tony Roy  California State University, San Bernardino, TT  California State University, San Bernardino, T
 Jay Gallagher  California State University, Chico, ONTT  Unknown, NA
 Dirk Leben  Unknown  Deceased
 Katharina Dulckeit  Butler University, TT  Butler University, T
 Ted Gracyk  Minnesota State University, Moorhead, TT  Minnesota State University, Moorhead, T
 Alistair Moles  Various colleges and universities, ONTT  Sierra College, ONTT
 Tim Roche  University of Memphis, TT  University of Memphis, T
 Linda Bomstad  California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, TT, then T  California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Professor Emerita
 Burke Hilden  NA  Unknown, NA
 Paula Hunter Manchester  Unknown  Business owner, NA
 Jerry Mosley  Unknown  Attorney, NA
 Stephen Hibbard  Unknown  University of Windsor, Psychology, T
 Bruce Russell  Wayne State University, TT  Wayne State University, T
 John King  Unknown, NA  
 Judy Williams  Unknown, NA  
 Fred O'Toole  California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, TT, then T  California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Professor Emeritus
 George Gale  University of Missouri, Kansas City, TT  University of Missouri, Kansas City, T

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