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Applied Moral and Political Philosophy

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On this page I list papers about environmental ethics, animal ethics, pornography, deterrence, and cost-benefit analysis.  If a PDF of a paper is password protected, the password is "copp".  There is some overlap between the papers listed on this page and papers listed elsewhere.

See also my work on secession.

Some of my papers on justice are also applied, including a paper on slavery.

Also of interest are my papers on democracy, including a paper on capitalism versus democracy.

My papers in political philosophy also include essays on specific applied topics.


  • 2011:  “Do Animals Have Fundamental Moral Standing?” in Thomas L. Beauchamp and R.G. Frey, eds., Oxford Handbook of Animals and Ethics (New York:  Oxford University Press), pp. 276-303.
  • 1986:  "Introduction:  Deterrence and Disarmament", in David Copp, ed., Nuclear Weapons, Deterrence, and Disarmament, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Supplementary Volume XII, pp 1-21.
  • 1986:  "Some Positions and Issues in Environmental Ethics", in Philip P Hanson, ed., Environmental Ethics:  Philosophical and Policy Perspectives (Burnaby, Canada:  Simon Fraser University Publications), pp 181-195.
  • 1983:  "Pornography and Censorship:  Introductory Essay", in David Copp and Susan Wendell, eds., Pornography and Censorship (Buffalo:  Prometheus Books), pp 15-41


Cost-Benefit Analysis


  • 1987:  "The Justice and Rationale of Cost-Benefit Analysis", Theory and Decision, 23, pp 65-87.
  • 1985:  "Morality, Reason and Management Science:  The Rationale of Cost- Benefit Analysis", Social Philosophy and Policy, 2, pp 128-151
  • 1983:  "Risk and Responsibility:  Ethical Issues in Decision Making", with Edwin Levy, in W.A. Cragg, ed., Contemporary Moral Issues (Toronto:  McGraw-Hill Ryerson), pp 488-500.
  • 1982:  "Value Neutrality in the Techniques of Policy Analysis:  Risk and Uncertainty", with Edwin Levy, Journal of Business Administration, 13, pp 161-190.

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