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DaGERS is the Davis Group in Ethics and Related Subjects.  It is the reincarnation of the DED Group, the Davis Ethics Discussion Group, which thrived here in the 1990s.  Marina Oshana and I began DaGERS in the 2010-11 Academic Year as a workshop for graduate students and faculty with interests in normative philosophy.  The group meets weekly during term to discuss work in progress, mainly chapters of dissertations or other papers written by the graduate student DaGERotypeS, but also, occasionally, papers by faculty DaGERotypeS or by visitors from other universities.


2012-13 DaGERS


DaGERS deep in the woods -- on campus.  In the back row, Adam Sennet, David Copp, Tim Houk, Brian Coffey, Charles Lang, and Noel Joshi-Richards; in the front row, Marina Oshana, Jared Poon, Jeff Dale, and Kyle Adams.  Russell DiSilvestro (from Sacramento State) was AWOL, as were Johnnie Pedersen and Chris Healow.  During the first half of the year, with the assistance of a Fulbright fellowship, Dr. Piotr Makowski visited DaGERS from the Institute of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

In 2012-13, DaGERS sponsored talks by Piotr Makowski (University of Poznan), Abrol Fairweather (San Francisco State), Angela Smith (Washington and Lee), and Ish Haji (Calgary).


2011-12 DaGERS

2011-12 DaGERS (2)

DaGERotypeS after a spring meeting in the Department Library.  In the back row, Noel Joshi-Richards, Charles Lang, Marina Oshana, David Copp, Jeff Dale, Russell DiSilvestro (Associate Professor of Philosophy at Sacramento State University), Jared Poon; in the front row, Adam Sennet, Kyle Adams, Johnnie Pedersen, and Brian Coffey.


2010-11 DaGERS

2010-11 DaGERS

DaGERotypeS at our summer party:  In the back row, graduate students Greg Damico, Jeff Dale, Brian Coffey, Johnnie Pedersen, Jared Poon, Charles Lang and Scotty Dixon; in the front row, visiting faculty member from Humboldt University, Berlin, Norbert Anwander; UC Davis faculty David Copp and Marina Oshana -- Greg and Scotty were crashing the party.  Chris Healow was AWOL.

In 2010-11, DaGERS hosted talks by Tim Schroeder (Ohio State), Coleen Macnamara (UC Riverside), David McNaughton (Florida State), and Steve Finlay (U.S.C.).  Norbert Anwander (Humboldt University) spent the year with us as a visiting scholar and he presented to the group more than once.

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