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Normative Ethics

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My papers in normative ethics are listed below, in reverse chronological order.  If a PDF of a paper is password protected, the password is "copp".  Those interested in my publications in normative ethics might also be interested in papers I have listed on other pages.

My essays on collective entities and morality are to be found here.

My papers on topics in applied ethics can be found here.

My papers on moral responsibility, the principle of alternate possibilities, and the Maxim that ought implies can, are to be found listed among my papers in Meta-Ethics, here.

Some of my papers in political philosophy, such as essays on justice, could also be viewed as concerned with normative ethics.  These papers are here.


  • 2012:  “Experiments, Intuitions, and Methodology in Moral and Political Theory,” in Russ Shafer-Landau, ed., Oxford Studies in Meta-Ethics, vol. 8 (Oxford:  Oxford University Press).
  • 2009:  “Is Society-Centered Moral Theory a Contemporary Version of Natural Law Theory?” Dialogue, 48, pp. 19-36.
  • 2006:  “Introduction:  Metaethics and Normative Ethics”, in David Copp, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Ethical Theory (New York:  Oxford University Press), pp. 3-35.
  • 2004:  “Morality and Virtue:  An Assessment of Some Recent Work in Virtue Ethics”, Ethics, 114, pp. 514-554.  Co-authored with David Sobel.
  • 2000:  Review of What We Owe to Each Other, by T.M. Scanlon, in Economics and Philosophy, 16, pp. 368-372.  Co-authored with David Sobel.
  • 1996:  Review of Balance and Refinement: Beyond Coherence Methods of Moral Inquiry by Michael R. DePaul, in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 56, pp. 959-962.
  • 1993:  “Quinn on Double Effect: The Problem of ‘Closeness’”, with John Martin Fischer and Mark Ravizza, Ethics, 103, pp. 707-725.
  • 1990:  "Contractarianism and Moral Skepticism", in Peter Vallentyne, ed., Contractarianism and Rational Choice:  Essays on Gauthier (Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press), pp. 196-228.
  • 1989:  "Consequentialist Rights:  L.W. Sumner's The Moral Foundation of Rights", Dialogue, 28, pp 131-148.
  • 1984:  "Considered Judgments and Moral Justification:  Conservatism in Moral Theory", in David Copp and David Zimmerman, eds., Morality, Reason and Truth (Totowa, N.J.:  Rowman and Allanheld),  pp 141-168.
  • 1983:  Review of Utilitarianism and Cooperation, by Donald H. Regan, in The Philosophical Review, 92, pp 617- 622.
  • 1979:  "The Iterated-Utilitarianism of J.S. Mill", Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Supplementary Volume V, pp 75-98.

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