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History of Faculty Changes

The following is a list of changes in the UC Davis Philosophy Department since 1970, with the number of ladder-rank full-time equivalent positions (FTE) given in parentheses after the year.

1971-72 (10)
Hire of Michael Wedin

1976-77 (9)
Resignation of Mel Beal

1977-78 (10)
Hire of G. J. Mattey

1978-79 (9)
Retirement of Marjorie Grene

1980-81 (8)
Retirement of Arthur Child

1983-84 (9)
Hire of James Griesemer

1986-87 (8)
Death of Fred Berger

1988-89 (10)
Hire of Jean Hampton, Richard Healey, Michael Jubien; Retirement of Neal Gilbert

1989-90 (11.5)
Hire of David Copp, Richard Wollheim (Temporary), Michael Dietrich (50%)

1990-91 (11.5)
Hire of Paul Teller

1991-92 (9.5)
Resignation of Jean Hampton, Richard Healey; Retirement of Ronald Arbini

1992-93 (9.5)
Hire of Jeffrey King; Retirement of William Bossart

1993-94 (9)
Resignation of Michael Dietrich

1994-95 (8)
Hire of Philip Clark; Retirement of John Malcolm and Joel Friedman

1996-97 (8.5)
Hire of Gerald Dworkin (50%); Loss of funding for Richard Wollheim

1997-98 (8.5)
Hire of Robert Cummins; Resignation of Philip Clark

1998-99 (8.75)
Hire of Connie Rosati; Increase of Gerald Dworkin to 75%; Resignation of David Copp

2000-01 (10.75)
Hire of Victor Caston, George Wilson

2002-2003 (12.75)
Hire of Karen Neander, Pekka Väyrynen

2004-2005 (11.75)
Hire of Josh Parsons, Michael Glanzberg; Recall of Henry Allison (Temporary); Resignation of Jeffrey King; Retirement of Michael Jubien, Michael Wedin

2005-2006 (7.75)
Recall of Michael Wedin (Temporary); Resignation of Connie Rosati, Victor Caston; Retirement of Robert Cummins, George Wilson

2006-2007 (13.75)
Hire of Cody Gilmore, Brendan Jackson, Robert May, Roberta Millstein, Bernard Molyneux, Adam Sennet, Jan Szaif, Jonathan Vogel; Resignation of Karen Neander, Josh Parsons; Suspension of recall of Henry Allison

2007-2008 (11.5)
Retirement of Paul Teller; Resignation of Jonathan Vogel; Decrease of Gerald Dworkin to 50%; Recall of Henry Allison (Temporary)

2008-2009 (11.5)
Hire of Aldo Antonelli, Elaine Landry; Resignation of Pekka Väyrynen, Brendan Jackson; Suspension of recall of Henry Allison

2009-2010 (13.5)
Hire of David Copp, Marina Oshana

2011-2012 (12)
Retirement of Gerald Dworkin; Resignation of Michael Glanzberg; Suspension of recall of Michael Wedin; Recall of Nicholas Jolley (Temporary)

2014-2015 (14)
Hire of Tina Rulli, Hanti Lin

2015-2016 (16)
Hire of Alyssa Ney, Zoe Drayson 

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