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Essay Contest

The Undergraduate Essay Contest is open to all students at UC Davis for papers they have written in a UCD philosophy class.

2016 Contest

6th Annual UC Davis Undergraduate Philosophy Essay Contest $100 Prize

Submission deadline: May 20, 2016.

Papers that have been written on any topic by a UC Davis student for any philosophy class at UC Davis in the Spring 2015 through Winter 2016 quarters are eligible. Papers should be approximately 1,500-­2,000 words (5­-7 pages, standard 12 point font), double spaced, and paginated.

Papers will be read by a two­- or three­-person panel consisting of faculty from the philosophy department. Papers should be prepared for blind review (the author’s name and any other identifying markers should be removed). Electronic submissions only, please. Submit papers in PDF format to .

The winning paper will be announced and the prize presented as part of the undergraduate awards ceremony for philosophy students on June 10, 2016.

Past Winners

1st place: Chelsie Liberty, "Realism, Austere Nominalism, and Transitivity of Exact Resemblance"
2nd place: Charles Bishop, "The Problems of Paraphrasing: Some Sentences for the Consideration of the Austere Nominalist"

1st place: Gordon Allen, “Dworkin and Riggs v. Palmer”
2nd place: Philip Powers, “Hume and Kant: On the Origin of Moral Precepts”

1st place: Tristan Lenaerts, “Populations: Mind Dependent or Perspective Dependent?”
2nd place: Theo Galanakis, “Chomsky on Rule Following"

1st place: Kristopher Baumgartner, “The Dualist Confusion”
2nd place: Travis Kirk "A Defense of the Possibility of Scientific Laws in Biology"

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