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2007-2008 Colloquia

Fall 2007


Picture of Frederic Bouchard


October 8

Frédéric Bouchard

Université de Montréal

"Thinking About Fitness and 'Population Thinking'"



Picture of Rachana Kamtekar


October 19

Rachana Kamtekar

University of Arizona

"The Powers of Plato's Tripartite Psychology"



Picture of Mark Schroeder


November 2

Mark Schroeder

University of Southern California

"How Expressivists Can and Should Solve their Problem with Negation"



Picture of Elaine Landry


November 16

Elaine Landry

University of Calgary

"A Silly Answer to a Psillos Question"



Picture of Augustin Rayo


November 30

Augustín Rayo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"An Account of Possibility"



Winter 2008


Picture of Ken Waters


January 7

Ken Waters

University of Minnesota

"Beyond Theoretical Reduction and Layer-Cake Antireduction: How DNA Retooled Genetics and Transformed Biological Practice"


Picture of Angela Potochnik


January 11

Angela Potochnik

Stanford University

"The Unity of Science in a Disordered, Dappled World"



Picture of Iris Oved


January 18

Iris Oved

Rutgers University

"The Mental Coining of Terms"



Picture of Japa Pallikkathayil


January 21

Japa Pallikkathayil

Harvard University

"Deriving Morality from Politics: Rethinking the Formula of Humanity"



Picture of Peter Ludlow


January 25

Peter Ludlow

University of Toronto

"Cheap Contextualism"



Picture of Anna-Sara Malmgren


January 28

Anna-Sara Malmgren

New York University

"Intuitions by Inference"



Picture of David Copp


January 31

David Copp

University of Florida

"Realist-Expressivism and Conventional Implicature"



Picture of the University of Florida logo

February 1

Marina Oshana

University of Florida

"Legal Obligation and Autonomy"



Picture of Aldo Antonelli


February 6

Aldo Antonelli

University of California, Irvine

"Logicism, Quantifiers, and Abstraction"



Picture of Elaine Landry


February 7

Elaine Landry

University of Calgary

"How to be a Structuralist All The Way Down"



Spring 2008


Picture of Ernest Lepore


April 25

Ernest Lepore

Rutgers University

"Heresy of Paraphrase"



Picture of Andy Egan


May 9

Andy Egan

University of Michigan

"Why Ethics is All About Me"