2008-2009 Colloquia

Fall 2008


Picture of Graciela DePierris


October 24

Graciela De Pierris

Stanford University

"Hume on Space and Geometry"



Picture of Dorothea Frede


November 14

Dorothea Frede

University of California, Berkeley

"On the Nature and Origin of the 'orthos logos' in Aristotle's Ethics"



Picture of Jay Odenbaugh


November 21

Jay Odenbaugh

Lewis and Clark College

"On the Very Idea of an Ecosystem"



Winter 2009


Picture of Sam Cumming


February 27

Sam Cumming

University of California, Los Angeles

"On What Counterfactuals Depend"



Picture of Hugh Benson

March 13

Hugh Benson

University of Oklahoma

"The Problem is not Mathematics, but Mathematicians: Plato and the Mathematicians Again"



Spring 2009


Picture of Ted Sider


April 7

Ted Sider

New York University

"The Metaphysics of Fundamentality"



Picture of John Doris


April 13

John Doris

Washington University in St. Louis

"A Natural History of the Self"



Picture of Theodore Gracyk


May 8

Theodore Gracyk

Minnesota State University, Morehead

"Meanings of Musical Works, Meanings of Performances"