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Robert May

Robert May

Distinguished Professor

2294 Social Science and Humanities Building
Davis , Ca 95616
Office Phone: (530) 554-9554


  1. Ph.D.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977


Dissertation: "The Grammar of Quantification"

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, history of early analytic philosophy, Frege, theoretical linguistics: syntax and semantics.

Joined the UC Davis Philosophy Faculty: 2006

2015-2016 Course Schedule

137a - Theory of Reference
178 - Frege

12 - Introduction to Symbolic Logic
290 - History of Philosophy

Other Courses

178 Frege
189J Topics in Philosophy of Language (Chomsky)
237 Philosophy of Language Seminar
290 History of Philosophy Seminar (Frege)

Recent Publications
"The Composition of Thoughts", with Richard Heck," Nous, Vol. 45, 126-66, 2011.
"Quantifiers and Determiners", with Aldo Antonelli. In D. Graff Fara and G. Russell, eds., A Companion to the Philosophy of Language, Routledge, 2012.
"What Frege's Theory of Identity is Not," Thought, Vol. 1, 41-48, 2012.
"Truth in Frege", with Richard Heck. To appear in M. Glanzberg, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Truth, Oxford University Press.
"The Function is Unsaturated", with Richard Heck. In M. Beaney, ed. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Analytic Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2014
"Moral and Semantic Innocence", with Christopher Hom. Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 54, 293-313, 2013.
"The Proof of Hume's Principle", with Kai Wehmeier. To appear in P. Ebert and M. Rossberg, eds., A Companion to Frege's Grundgesetze, Oxford University Press.

To download reprints and preprints, go to:

Currently Supervising Dissertations
Mandana Kamangar
Recently Completed Dissertations
Kristen Ware (Linguistics) (2015), Brandon Biggerstaff (2016)

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