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Welcome to the UC Davis Philosophy Department

Welcome to the UC Davis Philosophy Department Web site. Within these pages you will find a wealth of information about the Department, its people, and its programs.


Most of the teaching and research in the Department is in analytic philosophy. The Department has strengths in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science (especially philosophy of biology), philosophy of mathematics, philosophical logic, ethics, meta-ethics, political philosophy, history of analytic philosophy, history of modern philosophy, and ancient philosophy.

Degrees Offered

The Department is a part of the College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences. It offers the Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor for undergraduates and the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees for graduate students.


Professor James Griesemer is Chair of the Department. Professor Cody Gilmore is Graduate Adviser, and Professor G.J. Mattey is Undergraduate Adviser. The staff is administered by the Social Sciences Yellow Cluster.


Erik Johnson (1979-2015)

Graduate Student Erik Johnson passed away unexpectedly on June 4th.  Erik was in the process of writing his dissertation under the supervision of Adam Sennet.  He will be remembered for his incisive comments in philosophical discussion as well as for his quick wit and sense of humor.  One senior faculty member praised him for having written the best graduate student paper he had ever received, better than most of the published literature on the topic.  Students praised him for the way he used humor to make their classes enjoyable.  Erik will be missed by all who knew him.

New Faculty Hires!

The department has had an eventful year. Last fall we hired two new faculty members—Tina Rulli (normative ethics, applied ethics, bioethics) and Hanti Lin (formal epistemology, decision theory, cognitive science, philosophy of language). And joining us this fall 2015 is Alyssa Ney (metaphysics, philosophy of physics, philosophy of mind) and Zoe Drayson (philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, epistemology).

Available Lecturer Positions

The Philosophy Department wishes to develop an applicant pool of part-time lecturers for 2015-2016 to draw upon as the situation requires. Click here for more information.

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UC Davis and the Philosophy Department are committed to fostering an environment that is respectful, welcoming, and inclusive for students, faculty, and staff. Sexual harassment is prohibited by law and University policy. UC Davis has established complaint resolution procedures for students to use if they have concerns or complaints regarding suspected sexual harassment. For information, students may call the Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (530-752-9255), or the Anonymous Call Line (530-752-2255). Additional information is available at


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