Past Colloquia

Summary list of past colloquia in the Department of Philosophy. Colloquia are typically held in the Philosophy Library.

  • 2019-2020 Colloquia
  • Friday, October 4: Stefan Fischer (Konstanz)

    Friday, November 1: Thor Harris (UCD)

Friday, November 22: Asta Sveinsdottir (SFSU)

Friday, February 28: Barry Maguire (Stanford)

    Friday, March 6: Alison Peterman (Rochester)

    Friday, March 13: Paul Teller (UCD)

    Friday, April 3: Gillian Russell (UNC) 

    Friday, April 17: Jonathan Dorsey (UCD)

    Friday, May 8: Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (UBC)

Friday, May 22: Johann Frick (Princeton)

  • 2017-2018 Colloquia
  • Tuesday, October 3, Barry Loewer, Rutgers University

    Friday, February 9, Nancy Cartwright, UC San Diego/University of Durham

    Friday, February 16, Meena Krishnamurthy, University of Michigan

    Friday, March 9, Julia Staffel, Washington University in St. Louis

    Friday, March 16, Kevin Kelly, Carnegie Mellon University

    Friday, March 23, Justin Khoo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Friday, May 11, Carolyn Jennings, UC Merced

  • 2016-2017 Colloquia
  • Friday, October 7, Craig Callendar, UC San Diego

    Friday, October 14, Eric Swanson, University of Michigan

    Friday, October 21, Catherine Elgin, Harvard University

    Friday, November 11, Rachael Briggs, Stanford University 

    Friday, March 3, James Owen, UC Irvine

    Friday, March 10, Gideon Rosen, Princeton University

    Friday, April 21, Julia Markovits, Cornell University

  • 2015-2016 Colloquia
  • Friday, November 6, John MacFarlane, UC Berkeley

    Friday, January 22, Kit Fine, NYU

    Friday, February 19, Seana Shiffrin, UCLA

    Friday, February 26, Tyler Doggett, University of Vermont

    Friday, March 4, Katherine Brading, Notre Dame

    Tuesday, April 5, Veronica Hubeny, UC Davis

    Friday, April 15, Alison Wylie, University of Washington

    Friday, April 22, Klaus Corcilius, UC Berkeley

    Friday, May 6, Richard Boyd, Cornell

    Friday, May 13, Julia Markovits, Cornell

    Friday, May 27, Jason Konek, Kansas State University

  • 2014-2015 Colloquia
  • Friday, Oct 17, Christopher Peacocke, Columbia

    Friday, November 14, Jeremy Heis , UC Irvine

    Friday, March 6, Helen Longino, Stanford

    Tuesday, March 17, David Copp, UC Davis

    Friday, May 8, Tim Clarke, UC Berkeley

    Friday, May 1, Japa Pallikkathayil, University of Pittsburgh

    Friday, May 15, Manuel Vargas, University of San Francisco

  • 2013-2014 Colloquia
  • Friday, October 25, Kieran Setiya,University of Pittsburgh

    Friday, November 1, Bruce Russell, Wayne State (sponsored by DaGERS)

    Friday, November 8, N. Angel Pinillos, Arizona State University

    Friday, November 15, Anita Superson, University of Kentucky (sponsored by DaGERS)

    Friday, January 17, Cameron Buckner, University of Houston

    Monday, January 20, Farid Masrour, Harvard University

    Friday, January 31, Stephen Campbell, Coe College

    Monday, February 3, Tim Campbell, Rutgers

    Friday, February 7, Nicoletta Orlandi, Rice

    Monday, February 10, Tina Rulli, Purdue

    Wednesday, February 12, Mark Alfano, University of Oregon

    Friday, February 14, Regina Rini, Oxford

    Monday, February 17, Hanti Lin, Rutgers

    Friday, April 11, Hendrik Lorenz, Princeton

    Friday, May 2, R. Jay Wallace, UC Berkeley (DaGERS)

    Friday, May 16, Ben Caplan, Ohio State University