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Hannah Tierney


Hannah Tierney joined the UC Davis Department of Philosophy in 2020. From 2018-2020, she was a lecturer in the department of philosophy at the University of Sydney, where she is currently an honorary associate. From 2016-2018, she was a Stanford H. Taylor postdoctoral associate in the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University. She completed her PhD in philosophy in 2016 at the University of Arizona. 

Research Focus

Hannah Tierney's work focuses on the intersection of ethics, cognitive science, and metaphysics, and she writes mainly on issues of free will, moral responsibility, and personal identity. 

Selected Publications

[1]   (forthcoming) “The Four-Case Argument and the Existential/Universal Effect” (with Andrew James Latham) Erkenntnis.

[2]   (forthcoming) “Defusing Existential and Universal Threats to Compatibilism: A Strawsonian Dilemma for Manipulation Arguments” (with Andrew James Latham) The Journal of Philosophy.

[3]   (forthcoming) “Hypercrisy and Standing to Self-Blame” Analysis.

[4]   (forthcoming) “Don’t Suffer in Silence: A Self-Help Guide to Self-Blame,” Self-Blame and Moral Responsibility, Carlsson, A. (ed.) Cambridge University Press.

[5]   (forthcoming) “The Future of the Causal Quest” in Blackwell Companion to Free Will, Campbell, J. (ed.) Blackwell Press.

[6]   (2021) “Guilty Confessions” Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility, volume 7, Shoemaker, D. (ed.) Oxford University Press: 182–204.

[7]   (2021) “Expanding Understanding” Australasian Philosophical Review 3: 318–323.

[8]   (2020) “The Subscript View: A Distinct View of Distinct Selves” in Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy, Lobrozo, T., Knobe, J., & Nichols, S. (eds.) Oxford University Press: 126–157.

[9]   (2020) “Desperately Seeking Sourcehood” (with David Glick) Philosophical Studies 177: 953–970. First author.

[10] (2019) “Quality of Reasons and Degrees of Moral Responsibility” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 97: 661–672. Shortlisted for the Annette Baier Prize.


Hannah Tierney teaches courses in ethics and cognitive science.