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Adam Michael Sennet


  • B.A.: McGill University (1997)
  • PhD.: Rutgers University (2006)


Adam Michael Sennet joined the UC Davis Philosophy faculty in 2006


Research Focus

Philosophy of Language

Selected Publications

  • Sennet, A. M. (2014) What kind of a mistake is it to use a slur? Philosophical Studies
  • Sennet, A. M. and Fisher, Tyrus (2014) Quine on paraphrase and Regimentation A Companion to W. V. O. Quine
  •  Sennet, A. M. (forthcoming) Presupposition Triggering and Disambiguation Beyond Semantics and Pragmatics


1 – Introduction to Philosophy

137C – Philosophy of Language: Semantics and Pragmatics
007Y (hybrid course) –Philosophical Perspectives on Sexuality
237 – Graduate Seminar in Philosophy of Language (topic: counterfactuals)
137B Philosophy of Language: Truth and Meaning
156 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy