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Tyrus Fisher


  • PhD Philosophy, University of California, Davis, Winter 2019.
  • MA Philosophy, San Francisco State University, Spring 2011.


Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Science.

For more information about me including a teaching portfolio, publications, and research interests, please visit my website at tkfisher.net. Selected publications are hosted at tkfisher.net and at my academia.edu page.

Research Focus

My research is driven by a desire to understand whether and how (if at all) facts about the languages we use should impact what we believe about the world. In the philosophy of language, this motivates my research into the meanings and logics of conditionals. In history of analytic philosophy, this motivates my work on Quine's views about meaning and language and how those views shaped his views in the philosophy of science.

Selected Publications