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Tyrus Fisher


  • PhD Philosophy, University of California, Davis, Winter 2019.
  • MA Philosophy, San Francisco State University, Spring 2011.


Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, History of Analytic Philosophy.

Courses Taught
  • Theory of Reference; Fall 2018.
  • Introduction to Symbolic Logic; Summer 2018, Summer 2016.
  • Intermediate Symbolic Logic; Summer 2016.
  • Introduction to Philosophy of Science; Summer 2014, Summer 2013, Summer 2012.
  • Introduction to Philosophy (San Francisco State University); Spring 2011.
  • Critical Thinking (SFSU); Spring 2011, Fall 2010.
Courses Assisted
  • Critical Reasoning; Winter 2019.
  • Introduction to Ethics; Spring 2017.
  • Semantics and Pragmatics; Winter 2017.
  • Appraising Scientific Reasoning; Fall 2016, Fall 2014, Fall 2013.
  • Metaphysics; Fall 2015.
  • Introduction to Symbolic Logic; Spring 2014, Winter 2013.
  • Introduction to Philosophy of Science; Spring 2013, Winter 2012.
  • Philosophy of the Physical Sciences: Space and Spacetime; Winter 2013.
  • Introduction to Philosophy; Fall 2012, Fall 2011.
  • Advanced Logic Workshop (SFSU); Spring 2011
  • Formal Logic I (SFSU); Spring 2010

For more information about me including a teaching portfolio, publications, and research interests, please visit my website at tkfisher.net. Selected publications are hosted at tkfisher.net and at my academia.edu page.

Research Focus

My dissertation concerns the meanings and logics of conditionals, both subjunctive and indicative. I am particularly interested in the truth conditions of backtracking counterfactuals, and the relationship between our English indicative conditional and the material conditional. I also maintain a research interest in the history of analytic philosophy, particularly Quine's views about language and how they impact his views in philosophy of science and ontology.

Selected Publications