Conferences and Workshops

The UC Davis Department of Philosophy hosts intellectually stimulating, thought-provoking colloquia, workshops, and discussions throughout the academic year.

DEX6 - Davis Philosophy Conference, March 26-27, 2018

9:15-10am breakfast

10-12pm John Bickle

12-1:45pm lunch

1:45 3:45pm Justina Diaz Legaspe

3:45-4pm break

4-6pm Ram Neta

7pm dinner


9:15-10am breakfast

10-12pm Gwen Bradford

12-1:45pm lunch

1:45 3:45pm Adrian Curry

3:45-4pm break

4-6pm Branden Fitelson

Workshops and Discussion Groups

Workshops take place in the Philosophy Library on Friday afternoons throughout the year. The workshop series offers students, faculty and periodic visitors an opportunity to present and discuss their work in progress before an appreciative audience of their peers.

Three discussion groups for faculty and graduate students meet weekly — one in ethics; one in philosophy of biology; and one in logic, language, epistemology, and philosophy of mathematics. Members of the department also are involved in the cognitive science discussion group.


The Philosophy Department occasionally holds philosophy conferences in which visiting speakers present their research. These conferences attract participants and audience members from many different institutions as well as from UC Davis. Annual conferences include DEX (Davis Philosophy Conference) and the Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Philosophy Conference.